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Providing specialist transport and travel planning advice across the nation

We deliver professional, experienced advice to clients submitting a planning application as part of a highways development involving traffic or transport.

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From landowners to developers, retailers, local authorities and property occupiers, Tutum Consulting is ready to support you with any aspect of transport planning, to effectively accompany the planning application of your project.

With a wealth of industry experience, our friendly, approachable and experienced team of professionals recognise the challenges that you might face during the planning submission process, if your project involves traffic or any other form of motorised transport. From the initial feasibility to transport assessment, travel planning and construction logistics, the team at Tutum Consulting are here to provide the essential advice you need, during all stages of your project.

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Having spent more than 20 years building a trusted network of contacts both locally and nationally, we are proud to be able to offer cost-effective solutions for our clients, shaped with their requirements and time frame in mind. 

Our team can support you with all phases of your project, including:

Travel Planning

Today, sustainability is key. And, whatever sector you are in, looking for ways to ensure your project is eco-friendly and reduces car-borne travel is becoming a key driver in how developments are assessed.

At Tutum Consulting, we are committed to making the nation’s highways system and road network more sustainable, without compromising on efficiency. Proper Travel Plans are vital to proving that your project will not have a ‘severe’ impact on traffic or the environment. 

We tailor our Travel Plan packages accordingly to each client’s needs and ambitions while centring each plan around boosting the sustainability of your development and reducing the impact on the adjacent highway network.

Our specialist team has the experience needed to support plans across a number of sectors, including residential, education, offices and retail, as well as local authorities.

We plan today, so we can build a better tomorrow.


We believe in the power of strong relationships and we are proud to continue to grow, develop and retain strong relationships with those we work with. Our experience in providing those in both the public and private sectors includes:

Conveniently located in Rugby, the heart of the Midlands, Tutum Consulting is committed to supporting projects across the UK and Ireland.